Pascal Lebel-Lamarre

Hi there, I’m a music composer, sound designer and songwriter 🙂


Pascal Lebel-Lamarre

Music Composer | Sound Designer |Songwriter


Pascal Lebel-Lamarre is a Music Composer, Producer and sound designer owning his music production studio, Studio Muzikart inc. For almost 15 years, he has worked on several projects as a musician, composer and producer. A wealth of experience has been accumulated through the different roles assigned to him.


Always interest about latest musical trends, Pascal continues to renew his ability to compose and perform in several musical genres. At this level, it constantly updates itself in terms of new technologies in the music and related fields.


Pascal has a very developed artistic sense that is reflected in the musical commands that are asked of him. This strong artistic inclination allows him to understand the demands of audio directors and producers who entrusts him with a job. Using these capabilities, Pascal knows how to meet specific demands.


With a pragmatic sense acquired through years of work, Pascal learned project and budget management. This side allows him to manage a production schedule, manage external resources, manage communications with resource persons and thus deliver the projects within the allotted time.


Born in 1984, Pascal Lebel-Lamarre is very early attracted by the music. Young, he makes “mixtapes” with cassettes he borrows from friends. He is quickly immersed in the wonderful world of music. It was just before he entered high school that he started drumming. He quickly becomes a versatile drummer since he is interested in several musical styles. It was the following year that he really began his musical apprenticeship with his teacher Daniel Lemay, teacher and drummer. Daniel has a major impact on Pascal’s musical vision.

It’s with the lessons of Daniel that Pascal learns jazz. Not only the technicality, but also the vocabulary and the different musical styles related to it. It is with the Buddy Rich memorial concert cassette that Pascal analyzes great drummers such as Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams and many others.

Parallel to his apprenticeship in drums, Pascal composes music for a few groups of which he is a part. Already at 13, he composes and arranges pop / rock, jazz and electronic music. At that time, he quickly fell into the world of computer music. He works with his first sequencers and learns to program VST and synthesizers. This is where his love for film music and electronic music begins.

After an adolescence with a lot of shows and studio albums with different groups, Pascal goes from CÉGEP in music to the Université de Montréal where he is admitted to performance. Parallel to the training in interpretation, Pascal spends a lot of time studying composition and writing techniques. From orchestra to big band, he arranges and composes for videos and drama show.

It’s after college that Pascal spends most of his time either in the studio and on gigs. The studio world teaches him musical production. He is interested in sound recording, mixing and music production techniques. He is slowly starting to buy equipment to produce his own recordings. He started get contracts in games, advertising, TV and video productions industries.

In 2015, following several entrepreneurship management and training courses, he officially founded his music production company, Studio Muzikart inc. He works as a composer, producer, songwriter and sound designer.

  • Several performances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • Tours in Europe, USA and Canada
  • Mixing and composition for TV production
  • Music for advertising
  • Interactive music composition
  • Music composition for drama show
  • Music composition for short films
  • Radio producer and technician at Rouen
  • Stéphane Rousseau sound technician
  • Music Producer and composer on albums
  • Library music